Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz.


Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz.

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Colombia Finca El Ocaso

Dates, Fuji Apple, Brown Sugar

Farmer: Gustavo Alberto Patino
Farm: Finca El Ocaso
Origin: Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Varietals: Tabi, Caturra
Altitude: 1700-1900m
Process: Fully Washed

Located in the small town of Salento, Colombia, Finca El Ocaso produces an environmentally sustainable coffee, inhabited by microfuana and flora creating its special fragrance, aroma, and flavor, highlighting a unique acidity and body. El Ocaso has been in the Patino family for decades and headed by Gustavo Alberto Patino since 1982.

Gustavo focuses his efforts on maintaining an environmentally and socially sustainable operation by running an organic process and keeping to the traditional methods of hand-sorting the top quality beans, providing jobs to many of the locals. 

El Ocaso was a finalist in the 2010 Cup of Excellence and consistently produces a world class cup of coffee.  

Recommended Brew Methods:
Hario V60, 1:16 Ratio
Kalita Wave, 1:16 Ratio