El Sombrerito / Guatemala 

“First of all, we want people to know that coffee plants are environmental friendly, they produce oxygen, better soil and parallel to the best agricultural practices, a great quality product, in addition, the advantage to open an important number of jobs for the people in the community. We want them to know that every time they buy our coffee besides helping the producers, it helps the community developing the economy of the area.

In our communities we take care of our plants from seeds, chosing the best ones to become a plant, we make our best efforts in the nursery to have the best and strongest ones in our fields, given them the appropriate fertilizers and care to keep them clean from weeds and diseases, in order to have the best quality in the final product.

We handle the shade to manage the illumination in the best time for the fruit, so we can have a uniform ripening. In our coffee farms we avoid using products that are not friendly to the environment, in order to see in our environment different kinds of flora and fauna, such as bees that are great for the pollination process, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and many more.

From 1954 to today, there has been 4 generations of Coffee producers, starting at the “El Sombrerito “Farm, 33 kilometers from Guatemala city. It started with the idea of supplying the family consumption, but with the knowledge and experience acquired, from the second generation, we started supplying the families of the community, and bringing new insight and new ways of thinking. The third generation formed Acadecop, (Asociacion de caficultores de Concepcion Pinula), who depends directly from El Sombrerito."

Farm: El Sombrerito

Producer: Concepción Pinula

Region: Fraijanes

Origin: Guatemala

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1500m

Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Cupping Noes: Floral with tropical fruits and caramel

Lot: 0500614E01