A few weeks ago we got an email from our buddy Seth at Blanchard’s Coffee in Richmond. He told us that the coffee we have been using, since we started Golf Park Coffee, was out of season. The coffee that we, and a lot of you, have grown to love. 

You see when we set out to source the coffee we would use for GPC, we tried dozens of coffee’s from roasters all over the area. After selecting Blanchard’s as the roaster we wanted to work with, we tried nearly every coffee they had (which is a lot of coffee). Finally, after all of the testing, we chose the Lingtong Estate. (We would later find out from Seth that our choice to use this specific bean is what made him sure that he wanted to work with us, because of the uniqueness of this specific coffee.)

So needless to say, we were pretty upset that our coffee was out of season and no longer available. However, Seth suggested something that can only be described as a stroke of genius. He said that we could use this opportunity to pivot as a company and begin a campaign to further educate people about where their coffee comes from, and how much coffee varies from region to region. 

We are so excited to launch this campaign we’re calling "Sourced", so here’s what you can expect. Every month or two we will introduce a new coffee, based on what is in season and fresh. We will be rotating coffees from Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, as well as, highlighting the region, farm, and individual farmer with photos and videos. Our goal is to give you a look behind the scenes, to show you where your coffee comes from, and the work that goes into every cup of Golf Park Cold Brew.

So here is our first feature, we hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we will!



Located in the small town of Salento, Colombia, Finca El Ocaso produces an environmentally sustainable coffee, inhabited by microfuana and flora creating its special fragrance, aroma, and flavor, highlighting a unique acidity and body. The coffee plants are visited by more than 60 species of birds, sharing its place with nature.  El Ocaso has been in the Patino family for decades and headed by Gustavo Alberto Patino since 1982.  Gustavo focuses his efforts on maintaining an environmentally and socially sustainable operation by running an organic process and keeping to the traditional methods of hand-sorting the top quality beans, providing jobs to many of the locals. El Ocaso was a finalist in the 2010 Cup of Excellence and consistently produces a world class cup of coffee. 

Farmer: Gustavo Alberto Patino
City: Salento
Department (State): Quindio
Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1700 - 1900 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Tabi and Caturra
Processing Method: Wet Process (fully Washed)
Certifications: 2010 COE finalist, RFA, UTZ, 4C association
Notes: 29 hectares split in to 12 lots of coffee. Annual production of approximately 15,000 kilos of green beans.