If you remember back to our first post in our SOURCED series, we said that our goal was to feature a new coffee every couple of months from different regions all over the world. We started with a South American coffee called El Ocasa from Colombia back in March, then moved on to a Central American coffee produced in Guatemala called El Sombrerito. Now we're crossing over the atlantic to bring you something totally different. 

Starting today, we are featuring our first African coffee. Produced in Ethiopia, the Hambela Alaka Single Farm is a coffee produced by a family with a rich history. In 1934 Muluemebet Emiru became Africa's first female pilot, shortly after the end of World War II she was awarded a lush farmland in the Harar and Sidamo regions of East Africa. Along with her husband, they transformed this farmland into a private coffee estate that is still family owned and operated to this day. Not only does this farm produce high quality coffees, it also is home to the first and only private SCAA certified quality control lab in Africa. 

We hope you enjoy this new coffee offering. Ethiopian coffees are a favorite of ours because of their light body and bright, fruity notes. This is a perfect coffee to finish out the summer and usher in the crisp fall air. Cheers!

Farm: Hambela Estate

Producer: METAD

Region: Guji, Alaka District, Oromia Region

Origin: Ethiopia

Process: Fully Washed/Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Altitude: 1,900-2,200m

Varietals: Indigenous Heirloom

Cupping Notes: Wildflower Honey, Passion Fruit, White Tea