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When In Portland: Dapper & Wise


When In Portland: Dapper & Wise

For my second stop-in in Portland, I headed over to Dapper & Wise, located on SE Division and 32nd. With a clean and modern space to match their branding, D&W fits right in with the other sleek and simple business scattered on Division.

As you enter, you are met with an open and bright room, filled with clean edges, symmetry, and light. It is a perfect place to relax and have a chat with friends, or to zone in and get some work done. Although the name says Dapper & Wise, clearly there is room for all.

Barista Maxine Sferra keeps things ordered and clean while waiting for her next customers.

Barista Maxine Sferra keeps things ordered and clean while waiting for her next customers.

Although they take their coffee very seriously, D&W also likes to keep things pretty light-hearted, and they're not afraid to joke around and have fun. In the midst of a generation and culture that can, at times, take itself a little too seriously, this was a breath of fresh air.

With a look at their Instagram (@dapperandwise), it's clear that they create eye-dazzling, professional content and manage to have fun while they do it. This mentality carries over into the culture of the shop.

In addition to all the classics, D&W offered some of the tastiest and most creative coffee drinks I have had to date. Their newest addition to the menu is a Peaches and Cream Coffee Soda, combining fresh-pressed peach juice, soda water, and coffee. The soda is topped off with a dollop of house-made vanilla coconut foam.

If your mouth isn't watering, I think you may need to rethink some things. That drink alone is worth the trip to Portland.

Out of all the baristas that I spent time with while shooting for these pieces, the baristas at D&W were (by far) the friendliest and most welcoming. Tylor and Maxine were quick to make conversation and were genuinely interested in who I was and what I was doing in the city.

A visit to a new coffee shop can often come with a sense of intimidation and apprehension, not quite knowing where you'll fit in. At D&W, these fears will quickly subside. All are welcomed warmly.

Light pours into D&W through its many floor to ceiling windows.

Light pours into D&W through its many floor to ceiling windows.

Dapper & Wise doesn't only want to bring the experience of good coffee to its customers, they want to invite others into the heart of it. D&W offers a series of educational classes that they call "Coffee School," teaching aspiring brew-masters and beginners alike the art of a good cup from the ground up.

Pairing hands-on learning experience with weekly reading assignments, Coffee School creates a welcoming and inspiring environment for any attendee.

At D&W, they don't just serve good coffee. They roast it, too.

Every bean is sourced responsibly. The roastmaster takes great care to make sure the farmers are being paid above the Fair Trade minimum. They are looking for genuine, lasting relationships with their partners. It's a give and take.

D&W offers a wide variety of quality merchandise and goods at their Division location. If you feel like repping the brand, there is no shortage on cool and useful swag. Check their store out.

Have you bought your ticket to PDX yet? No? What are you waiting for?? 

It's people and shops like this that make Portland the great city that it is.

Welcoming. Bright. Creative. Hopeful. Eclectic. Excellent. Dapper. Wise.

Go on, give them a shot. If you don't love it, I'll pay you back for your plane ticket.

(Well, maybe)